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Gender Reassignment: Female-to-Male (FTM)

For many transgender people here in Toronto, gender reassignment or confirmation surgery is an incredibly important step toward looking and feeling complete. In addition to offering "top surgery" to FTM patients, Dr. DuPéré also offers a variety of procedures to masculinize features. Wherever you are in your transition, let us help you achieve the look that lets you be your true self.

Mastectomy and Chest Wall Reconstruction

Mastectomy, or top surgery, is often the most pressing concern for trans men. However, mastectomy for FTM individuals is different than mastectomy for other reasons, such as breast cancer. In addition to removing breast tissue, Dr. DuPéré carefully sculpts the chest, often incorporating liposuction and other techniques to create a complete masculine contour. Depending on the patient's unique anatomy, Dr. DuPéré may use 1 of 3 of the following techniques:

During your initial consultation and pre-operative appointments with Dr. DuPéré, he reviews his surgical technique with you to help you understand precisely what to expect.

Recovery & Results

Depending on the surgical technique used, recuperation after top surgery may take up to 2 weeks. However, some patients feel comfortable returning to work and more sedentary daily activities after just 1 week. Localized bruising and swelling are common within the first week or so after the procedure, and Dr. DuPéré uses surgical drains to minimize fluid buildup. Each top surgery patient receives a compression garment to support the chest and further reduce swelling as the area heals. Patients must wear the garment for about 6 weeks after surgery. The garment is quite discreet and not easily seen through clothing.

The results of your top surgery are permanent, so it's important to seriously consider the procedure before moving forward. During your own consultation, Dr. DuPéré talks to you at length about your transition to understand where you are in the process and ensure top surgery is the right step.

Other Options

Depending on the significance of your chest procedure, you may choose to incorporate one of the following into your surgery. You may also undergo these procedures at any point in your transition. They can help create masculine features that make all the difference in your result.

Pectoral Augmentation | Using a special type of firm silicone implant, Dr. DuPéré can create the appearance of firm, defined pectoral muscles, typically associated with an attractive male chest.

Calf Augmentation | Visible calf muscles lend a look of athleticism and vigor to the legs. These implants are especially popular with male patients who want to enlarge their calves without endless hours in the gym.

Buttock Augmentation | Yes, men have buttock augmentation too! Dr. DuPéré often sees men for Brazilian butt lift or buttock implants. These procedures can lift and firm the buttocks for attractive definition.

Liposuction | The biologically female body is prone to accumulating fat deposits in certain areas, such as the hips and thighs. Liposuction can reduce the curvature of these areas, creating more angular, masculine results.

Abdominal Etching | Want a six-pack without the crunches? Abdominal etching might be for you. This technique sculpts the topmost layer of fat beneath the skin to create the appearance of muscle definition.

Dermal Fillers | In addition to filling in and softening wrinkles, dermal fillers can add definition and shape to the jawline for a chiseled look.

Facial Implants | These implants can help further strengthen and define the features, especially the chin.

Wherever you are in your transition, Dr. DuPéré wants to help you realize your identity. Request your consultation online, or call Visage Clinic at (416) 929-9800 to schedule your visit.

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