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Facing the “middle-age”

December 30th, 2014 Share

Let’s face it.  Most of us, who want plastic surgery other than breast implants or rhinoplasty are at the time of our life that is referred to as “middle age.”   What a lovely term.

“Middle age.”  Let’s look at that term and what it means.   We are not referred to as young any longer, but we don’t qualify for any reductions to on bus fares, theatres or taxes.   We are not old enough to be called a senior, we are stuck “in the middle”.  If we wear our hair the wrong way we can easily add 10 years to the way we look.  Clothing if worn too short or tight, we are labeled trying to be like our daughters.  Dressing conservatively makes us look matronly.   It is a fine line for us, “middle agers”, that we have to tread…

The mirror.  We all have one or many.  Some of us have needed magnification.  We love them and we hate them.   We can’t not look in them, but when we do, then we say “what the hell happened?”

Middle age crept up on us and we didn’t even realize it until it arrived.   Youth is gone, gone and going.   What is replacing the taut youthful skin is ‘droop’.  Not only on the face but also on the body.  Breasts hang low, we have the muffin middle or love handles, we have jowls, our lips have disappeared and we have bags under the eyes.  And those ain’t Prada bags!

Oh yes, let’s not forget the hair growth on the chin or upper lip.   All sound familiar?

The one thing about being middle age is that if we really want to do something about the way we look, we can.   We are usually established in our careers and our kids have moved out.  A lot of us are empty-nesters.  We can, if we want, have a little nip here and a little tuck there that will make being middle age not so traumatic.

Everyone knows about Botox and its cousin Dysport.  The famous little medicine that was approved for cosmetic use in 2002.    When administered by a qualified board certified plastic surgeon, wrinkle injections can relax those lines between the brows that make us look angry all the time.  Eyebrows can be lifted to a more youthful position and turned into a graceful curve that enhance the eye.  Crows feet can be softened so that they become laugh lines again.   We don’t want to obliterate wrinkles, we just want to soften the harsh look of middle age.

Ahhh the fillers!   My personal little favourite!   Those wonderful 1 ml syringes of a sugar-based naturally-occuring molecule that your body accepts so easily and readily.   Known as either Restylane or Juvederm, those are the tools for your Toronto board certified sculptor and plastic surgeon to lift, reshape and replace volume that has disappeared from your face.   These little syringes are the fountain of youth.  They are not meant to change what you look like, but to restore your face to a more youthful time.  Yes, they do have to be maintained and repeated, but what doesn’t at the middle-age mark?   We do have the option of the fat transfer procedure if you have enough donor fat, and at middle age, who does not?  Lol!  Fat transfer is a more permanent solution for facial volume loss.

Often though, there is a point when there is just too much empty space to fill and the skin is too stretched, then we have to look at the option of doing surgery to remove excess skin.

Think of your skin as clothing that is too big.  You love the dress but it does not fit.  What do you do?  You take it to a top notch seamstress that will measure you and custom fit that piece of clothing to fit your body.   Once the adjustments are done the outfit looks amazing again.    The same goes with plastic surgery procedures.   The skin loses its elasticity and collagen and starts to pull down.  An experienced and artistic Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, such as Toronto Dr. Marc DuPéré, reshapes and redrapes the skin and then removes the excess, hiding the scars in existing creases. Refitting your skin to your body.  At the same time, Dr. DuPéré tightens muscles that have become loose with age.   Concomitant fat grafting is a great added benefit.  The results can be life changing for some!  Will the aging clock still move forward?  Yes, but you will always look younger than your years.  That is a good thing.

Breast reduction, breast lifts, breast implants and tummy tucks are all part of re-sculpting the body to a more youthful and sexual look.  Yes, I said the word sexual!  Wanting to be thought of as sexy does not go away with age.  I will always want to be thought of as sexy.  It is the fun part of being female and it should also be for a male.    We all need to feel sexy to someone, especially your partner.   If it takes a little help to feel this again, then consider it.  It is terrible not to care, it shows!

If you are at that middle age state, and the outside is starting to not match the brain, the solution may be easier that you think.  A consultation with a qualified Toronto board certified surgeon who has specialized in cosmetic enhancements and has the reputation for natural results, will give you your best options both for non-surgical rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery procedure and revitalizing your skin.  It can make a difference to your life.  It did for mine.

by Joyce Palmer