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Facial Implants Overview

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As many of you know, I offer all types of body and facial implants for men and women. In this post, I will focus on the facial implants I use to help my Toronto patients enhance the cheeks, jaw, chin, and other facial features.

All facial implants are made of silicone that is solid but very soft. Some are made of e-PTFE (Goretex, Teflon). They can be smooth or textured. Some are inserted through an internal approach (such as within the mouth); some require an external approach where the incision is hidden in a natural crease or the hair-bearing scalp.

  • Chin implants are very commonly placed as an individual procedure or with a neck lift and facelift for men and women. We have 13 different models, each available in various sizes. Some are also meant to correct the jowls. Some are more oval and some are more square. Because the chin and nose go hand-in-hand, both areas are often considered when discussing and studying your profiloplasty procedure.
  • Jaw angle augmentation is also a growing trend today. Round faces can be made more angular with jaw angle implants (and with buccal fat pad removal). Some implants will solely augment the width of the jaw while others will augment both the jaw’s width and vertical height, efficiently lowering the jaw angle area for a stronger jawline. Please note that women also desire a more defined jaw angle (like Angelina Jolie).
  • Nasal implants are secondary options whenever there are no good “donor” sites during a rhinoplasty procedure. I like using the septal (septum) cartilage whenever possible; otherwise, I use ear cartilage and then a nasal implant.
  • Piriform (mid-face or perinasal) implants augment the region around the nostrils and upper gums, an area commonly under-projected in Asian and African-American populations. These implants are inserted via an intramucosal approach (in the nostril sills) so the scars are well hidden.
  • Cheek implants have been around for a very long time. We have many models and sizes for both men and women. These implants are inserted via an intraoral approach.
  • Tear trough implants are commonly inserted during lower eyelid surgery. These tiny implants help fill out the darker region under the eyes seen with age-related volume loss. Tear trough implants can be placed with or without fat repositioning, fat redraping, or fat grafting, which are commonly done during lower eyelid surgery.
  • Temple implants are a wonderful alternative to injectable fillers for correcting the hollowing in the temples (sometimes called “peanut head”) seen in aging or with chronic diseases such as HIV-related lipoatrophy. These implants come in two models and can be carved into custom shapes. They are easily inserted under the fascia through an incision in the hair-bearing scalp. Temple implants can be inserted as an individual procedure under local anesthesia or during a facelift or brow lift procedure.

I often use fillers to let patients “try on” the look before they have surgery. Fillers also help me understand the look the patient wants and choose the right implants. Patients can see and feel sample implants when they visit my office for a consultation.

Here are some other blog posts I wrote about facial implants:

If you are ready to discover how facial implants can enhance your look, contact us using our online form or by calling (416) 929-9800. I look forward to speaking with you.

Dr. Marc DuPéré, aesthetic plastic surgeon.

8 Responses to Facial Implants Overview

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      HI Clare, my assistants will be emailing you information about cheek implants later today. I look forward to meeting you! Dr. D.

  • Raju says:

    Hi, I am interested in receiving a calf implant as I was diagnosed with a left clubfoot and my calf is significantly smaller than my right one. Can you please get back to with a price quote soon. Best Wishes

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Thank you for your question. I have performed several calf augmentations on patient with a history of club foot surgery. It is usually not feasible to augment as much as the other leg unless we first expand with a tissue expander, as the layering covering a muscle called fascia is tight and not easily “expandable”. It is therefore common to add a bit of liposuction to the other leg to increase chances of symmetry. We can also consider 2 implants in the one leg but this may be to be staged. My assistant will be emailing you today with some info but best would be to come for a consultation. Call us: 416-929-9800. Dr. D.

  • Carol says:

    I’m wondering if you do upper eyelid surgery for the loose skin and permanent lip fillers and fat grafting for the cheeks and under chin fat reduction and thightening

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Good morning! Yes upper lid blepharoplasty is a very common procedure in my practice and so is neck liposuction and various neck lifts. We also specialize in regenerative medicine, including fat grafting to faces, cheeks, lips, etc. Permanent synthetic fillers are not recommended any longer as they are associated with one-term problems so fat grafting is a more natural and the fat that survives will be longer-lasting. I look forward to meeting you. My assistants will be emailing you as well. Kindly, Dr. DuPéré.

  • aLISON says:

    hi its ME FROM P.E.I MY PHONE number ends in 82. i love the work u did on me including chin implant its helped my look tremendously (i do want to discuss some things that need tweeking though)i want to get the other work done in 2020 or 2021 the work we talked about and you gave me a quote on and u had photos taken of the areas (not sure if this can all b seen by public as u know i am not good on computer.i like you and your staff and your work and your office and clean facilities and of course the coffee and chocolate L.O.L. I DONT TALK about my surgery to people because to me its private but i actually did recommend u to a lady who admired my youthful look as i told her of my surgery her name begins with H .TALK TO YOU LATER . A.

    • Dr. Marc DuPéré says:

      Good afternoon and thank you for your comments! Give us a call when ready to rediscuss the pending procedures – 416-929-9800. I look forward to seeing you again! Dr. Marc

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