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Fabulous at 50? Michelle Obama says: You bet!

February 1st, 2014 Share

On January 17, 2014, USA First Lady Michelle Obama turned 50.   Happy 50th Birthday Michelle!

Being 50 is fabulous and fun!  The 50-year-old woman today is extremely different than our mothers and grandmothers.  Not so long ago, 50 was when we starting thinking of slowing down and started wearing what I refer to as the “bubbee” hair (Jewish for grandmother).   It was all about cleaning the house, retirement and taxes.  No more!

Life 50 and above for women is just getting good!  The kids are gone, no child responsibilities and we can have an intimate relationship with our spouses without worrying about a little person or a teenager interrupting.  It is very satisfying walking around the house naked.  We can become our main focus.  Are we being selfish?   Maybe a little, but we deserve it!

At 50, I can choose the way I want to look.  At 50, comments about ‘vanity and plastic surgery’ do not affect me any longer.  When I look in the mirror and tighten my face and neck up, I know Dr. DuPéré will be doing a facelift and neck re-draping for me in the near future.  This will make my reflection more pleasing to me personally; besides my family, I am the only person that matters in this part of my life.

We always hear the people who say “You should grow old gracefully” or it is all about “inner beauty.”  I agree, but if we want to be very honest, whose woman would not want to feel beautiful in her own eyes?  Every person deserves that!

So if it takes a little Botox™, filler or a facelift to make us love the way we look,  then I say to those critics to indulge us and be happy for us.  It not only benefits us, our self-esteem, sense of femininity and youthfulness, but it will benefit every person we come in contact with.  There is an old saying that goes: “If mamma ain’t happy, than nobody is happy”.

The arms of First Lady Michelle Obama were recently commented on by a journalist on Television while discussing brachioplasty.  So congratulations Michelle Obama for saying “Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves.”

Facelift – here I come!

Visage Clinic team