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Plastic Surgery Cost & Recovery: Buttock Augmentation With Implants

November 30th, 2014 Share

As you may know, body implant procedures such as buttock augmentation are some of my favourite plastic surgery procedures to perform at my Toronto clinics. Some of the most common questions I get online are about cost and recovery after cosmetic surgery.

In this blog post, I’ll provide a few answers.

What is buttock augmentation recovery like?

After having your buttock augmentation procedure in Toronto. it is strongly recommended not to sit for any prolonged time for 3 weeks. Standing up will be allowed. You will be able to sleep either over your stomach, on your sides or on your back. Short gentle walks are necessary inside the house or hotel room to prevent deep vein clotting but no excessive exercises.

The surgical site will be tender for several days. Walking will be slower for approximately 2 weeks. No sports/gym for 12 weeks as delayed cases of seromas (inflammatory fluid around the buttock implant) have been described. Most people can go back to a non-physical work (i.e. desk work) in about 3 weeks. It takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks to not be aware of the implants being in the buttock area.

Will I have surgical drains after my buttock augmentation?

Small drains are often used and would typically be removed 5 days post-operatively. Drains are really important to minimize risks and complications following buttock augmentation with implants such as hematoma (blood accumulation) and seroma (clear fluid accumulation). Drains don’t hurt upon removal as I often inject a small amount of local anesthetics (like the dentist) prior to removal. Few external stitches might be needed and would be removed 5 to 10 days post-op. A comfortable compression garment (cyclist short type) will be applied for 4 weeks. We will provide you with 2 of those.

When can I shower after buttock augmentation?

Showering can resume shortly after the drains are removed and after we apply water-tight dressings.

How much does buttock augmentation cost?

The cost for buttock augmentation, as is the case for all our other procedures, always includes anesthesia, nurses, surgical centre, surgeon’s fees, etc. It is best to call our Toronto Visage Clinic office as prices in plastic surgery, including buttock implants, vary slightly over the years.

Do patients often travel to Toronto for buttock augmentation?

Because I have completed advanced training in body implants in Canada, 50% of my patients are not from Toronto or the GTA area. I have a passionate and long-standing interest in body implants; because this is a rare expertise amongst even the best plastic surgeons in Toronto, people come from all corners of Canada for these procedures.

We do offer a fly-in package.  The Visage Clinic staff is quite accustomed to helping patients with airport and surgical clinic transfers. We also have preferential pricing at various hotels near the clinic to meet all budgets.

When can I travel home after buttock augmentation?

It is required to stay around Toronto for a minimum of 10 days post buttock augmentation for appropriate post-op care. We can also arrange any nursing help for hotel or home post-operatively if needed.

To see real patient examples of the results you can expect after buttock augmentation, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you would like to learn more about costs, recovery, and traveling in for plastic surgery here in Toronto, please contact us online or call (416) 929-9800.

Dr. Marc DuPéré