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Mole, Cyst & Lipoma Excision

Moles, cysts, and lipomas are benign masses embedded in the skin. Often considered unsightly, all three are commonly removed for cosmetic purposes. In some cases, mole removal occurs for medical reasons. Royal College-certified surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré offers mole, cyst, and lipoma removal in Toronto.

Dr. DuPéré keeps aesthetics and patient safety in mind when removing mole, cysts, and lipomas. Request a consultation with Dr. Marc DuPéré or call our office at (416) 929-9800.

What are Moles, Cysts & Lipomas?


Moles are dark skin lesions that are usually symmetrical and uniform in colour. Commonly taking on various shades of brown, they result from colour-producing cells called melanocytes growing in clusters.

Moles can be present at birth or appear over time at any age. Sun exposure can play a role in the development of moles and has been proven to cause atypical, or dysplastic, moles.

The only moles of medical concern are those with an appearance that has changed over time. This can include changes in color, height, size, or shape, as well as the presence of bleeding, itching, tenderness, or pain. Remember the “ABCD” of abnormal moles to figure out whether they require medical attention: Asymmetry, irregular Borders, different Colours within the lesion, and Diameter greater than 6 mm.

Only moles of medical concern are covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. Moles removed for cosmetic reasons are not.


Skin cysts, also called epidermal or inclusion cysts, are benign sacs filled with debris. In the past, they were referred to as sebaceous cysts — a misnomer, as they do not originate from sebaceous glands. Skin cysts develop when epidermal cells become embedded more deeply and start duplicating, creating a small ball with an outer living shell and an inner component made of dead skin cells.


Lipomas are soft, round, benign mobile masses made of mature healthy fat cells. They are often removed for cosmetic purposes.

Skin cancer removal: BCC, SCC and melanomas: Dr. DuPéré is committed to a healthy skin and removes cancerous lesions under OHIP with a referral from family physicians and dermatologists

Dr. DuPéré’s Mole, Cyst & Lipoma Excision Techniques

Dr. DuPéré removes moles, cysts, and lipomas under local anesthesia in our office.

Mole removal can occur surgically or via electrodessication. No downtime is required, and patients can resume most normal daily activities immediately. Surgical mole excision requires suture removal after 7 days for the face and 12 to 14 days for the body. Electrodessication results in a scab that will heal within 1 to 2 weeks.

In cyst excision, the entire shell of a cyst must be removed so the cyst does not recur.

When removing these masses, Dr. DuPéré practices special suturing techniques and places scars carefully, normally resulting in a faint and barely visible line. Whenever possible, he will place facial incisions within a natural line for better camouflage.

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