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Abdominal & Muscle Etching

This relatively new procedure uses a special cannula to contour and shape the abdominal fat pad. Dr. Marc DuPéré performs abdominal etching in Toronto to achieve a flatter stomach and create the look of a 6-pack or 8-pack abdomen. Dr. DuPéré has refined his technique since he started performing muscle etching back in 2004.

Sculpt your way to a more athletic appearance with an abdominal etching procedure performed by a Royal College-certified plastic surgeon. Request a consultation with Dr. Marc DuPéré or call our office at (416) 929-9800.

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How Can Abdominal & Muscle Etching Help?

This procedure emphasizes muscles in areas such as the abdomen by:

Dr. DuPéré's Abdominal & Muscle Etching Techniques

Prior to the procedure, Dr. DuPéré makes detailed markings around the patient's flexed muscles such as the abdominals, pectorals or deltoids. He then uses these markings as guidelines for removing fat selectively and improving muscle definition.

Abdominal and muscle etching is suitable for patients who are already in shape and who have between 1 and 2 centimeters of "pinchable belly fat." Because the amount of fat removed is fairly small, this procedure is not suitable for patients with larger accumulations of abdominal fat seeking significant weight reduction. A traditional liposuction procedure is more suitable for these patients.

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Risks and Complications

Every surgery comes with potential risks. Though serious complications are rare, Dr. DuPéré warns all abdominal & muscle etching patients of some of the risks such as: scarring, incomplete or loss of the etched indentations, opening of the wound, temporary discomfort, bleeding and bruising around the surgical sites, loss of sensation over the surgical site and around the scar, fluid accumulation (seroma and hematomas), infection (extremely rare), nerve and vessel injury (a risk with any surgery) and skin necrosis (possibly treatable with wound care).

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