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Business Model for a Toronto Plastic Surgeon during Covid19 – Q&A

May 6th, 2020 Share

has brought many changes to my business model YET not all has changed.  The best has remained…  See here my answers to a journalist who recently asked me HOW I am weathering this pandemic with my busy Toronto practice.



J: How has your business model changed?

MD: I would like to emphasize that some components of my business model have not changed:

  1. As in cooking… our recommendations for using and finding the BEST ingredients available have remained the same. When discussing skin care, we are still recommending the best France and Japan have to offer – Biologique Recherche and Forlle’d, respectively
  2. We are still recommending our customers to do their research, to read reviews and to get to the best skin clinic where they can meet the best plastic surgeon and the best team of nurses, aestheticians and skin experts
  3. Our unequalled excellent “old-Europe-meets-Modern” “white-glove” “Ritz-Carlton GOLD customer service” has not changed.

 MD: The components of my business model that have changed:

  1.  We are doing a much larger amount of virtual consultations (5-12 per day!), both for skin health with our aestheticians but also with me for those considering a plastic surgery procedure (breast, tummy tuck, liposuction, buttock augmentation, facelift, etc). Patients send us pictures in advance of the discussion.  We’ve always done virtual consultations since I perform many rare procedures not done by the majority of plastic surgeons, so patients often come from all corners of the world; examples of rare procedures done in addition to the conventional tummy tucks, facelifts and breast implants include all types of body lifts after massive weight loss, breast lifts with implants COMBINED WITH a lower pole reduction to achieve more upper pole fullness, facial feminization in transgender female patients, transman chest masculinization surgery, all types of body implants – buttock, pectoral, hip, calf, chin, jaw angle, temple, cheek, pectus excavatum custom implant – buccal fat pad removal, ab etching, dimpleplasty, lip lifts, torsoplasty, Brazilian butt lift, fat grafting to breasts, forehead reduction, umbilicoplasty, areolar reduction, etc.)
  2. We are sending by courier “same-day” all skin care products to local patients free of charge, and express mail, also free of charge, outside GTA across Canada and beyond.
  3. I have been answering questions over social media on a regular basis – Q&A Quarantine with Dr. Marc DuPéré – on IG and FB – patients/clients send me their questions over social media or from our Online Request form on our website:
  1. We have been writing many blogs over the last few weeks on tips and step-by-step protocol to get your skin healthy FROM HOME – the very BEST one can do from HOME until they can visit our aestheticians in-office for higher-grade medical topical and laser treatments.


J: How have you creatively maintained revenue?


  1. Offering more virtual consultations – skin care and plastic surgery
  2. Complementary courier shipping of our skin care products to local customers
  3. Social media strong presence with education and teaching being at the forefront
  4. Q&A with potential customers/clients over IG and FB stories


J: What is your #1 tip for home beauty maintenance?


  1. ALWAYS aim for the very BEST ingredients one can afford – and there is no doubt that the French BR – biologique recherche – and the Japanese Forlle’d – are at the top of the world game when discussing skin health
  2. Find the best clinic in your city, with caring and reputable doctors, nurses and aestheticians who TRULY want you to look your BEST
  3. Take on their offer for a virtual skin care consult for the time being


J: Which precautions will you be taking when restarting your practice post-Covid19:

  1. We will maintain the 2-meter physical distancing in our office wherever is possible
  2. We will simplify the waiting room and remove all magazines
  3. We will sanitize the office thoroughly, and as always, will have people clean daily throughout the day instead of after business hours – we are proud of our French Maids.
  4. We will make sure that we have the required Personal protective equipment (PPE) available for the VISAGE staff and for our patients coming in,
  5. As before (it is required for all accredited out-of-hospital facilities), we have a hand sanitizer dispenser in each room and at all entrances
  6. We will adjust our schedules accordingly, e.g. one staff member instead of 2 at the front desk if they can’t maintain physical distancing.
  7. I will personally explain and go over all the responsibilities with my staff, emphasizing sanitizing and cleaning the work area after patient encounter
  8. We are more than never offering telemedicine i.e. virtual consultation
  9. We will plan a larger gap in between appointments to reassure the cleanliness of the area
  10. Patients will not have to wait in the waiting room and will be directed to one of our many clinical rooms as to keep optimal social distancing
  11. We will continue efficient communication of all the changes we’ve made to the practice via email, newsletters and social media
  12. We will be adding new questions to our screening questionnaire to make sure patient don’t have a fever or any symptoms of the virus
  13. We will be pre-screening the day before over the phone and once more when they come into the office
  14. We will be planning/scheduling to have a thorough arrival, visit/procedure, and exit plan to maintain everyone’s physical distancing as much as possible.


Answers by Dr. Marc DuPéré, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Toronto VISAGE Clinic, Skin Lab, Laser and MedSpa