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BOTOX® 201: Your Questions Answered

Learn more about BOTOX at outr Toronto and Richmond Hill plastic surgery practice

Welcome back to my series on BOTOX COSMETIC! I began answering questions from my patients in Toronto in my last post, and that continues now. Here are some more details on this extremely popular non-surgical treatment.

What is the difference between BOTOX, Dysport®, and XEOMIN®?

All 3 products use the same active molecule, but they differ in the accessory molecules, the country of production, the potency, and their packaging. I have the most experience with BOTOX and Dysport. Doses are different if one is getting BOTOX versus Dysport.

Will BOTOX make me feel numb?

No. BOTOX works on only motor nerves, so it will only affect muscle contraction and therefore wrinkles. BOTOX has no effect on sensory nerves, so you will still feel the skin where the BOTOX was injected.

Will BOTOX make me look frozen?

This is when your BOTOX expert comes into play. There is art to injecting BOTOX for a natural and soft look. Most patients do not want the frozen look, so it is important to choose a BOTOX injector who will listen to your wishes and provide you with the look you desire. At Visage Clinic, we most often aim for a soft and natural result.

Does BOTOX hurt?

All injections have a component of discomfort. That being said, I use the smallest needles for a very minimal discomfort. I also commonly use cryotherapy (ice) and topical anesthetic cream. The treatment is relatively quick, and the discomfort is over in a few minutes.

Does BOTOX have side effects?

Of course, but very rarely, and BOTOX is no different than other medications. Fortunately, those side effects are usually temporary and include bruising, eyelid and eyebrow drooping, and asymmetry. Choosing an experienced and qualified injector minimizes those risks.

Why does the cost vary so much between clinics?

It is true that costs vary, but so do the quality of the work and the aesthetic results. Plastic surgeons have a complete knowledge of the anatomy learned over 5 years of training. The number of years of experience will also influence the cost.

Some injectors inject everyone the same way — a cookie-cutter technique. Your aesthetic plastic surgeon is also an artist and will provide you with a customized treatment for optimal results. I personally inject all my patients. Not only do I enjoy this part of my plastic surgery practice, but I also believe I can deliver the optimal aesthetic results. One should also consider that not all products are equal. Finally, the BOTOX is shipped to us as frozen, dried, sterile powder, and we, the injectors, must reconstitute it by adding a precise amount of sterile solution. Some clinics have been known for over-diluting their products, and this may be reflected in their lower prices.

That’s it for now! Be sure to check back soon for my final installment in this 3-part class on BOTOX, and be sure to leave us a comment if you have a question of your own.

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