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Why Plastic Surgeons Are BEST to Perform Toronto Hair Restoration Procedures

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Here are some of many reasons why plastic surgeons are better trained technically for hair transplantation and hair restoration in Canada.

1.  Plastic surgeons have been trained for decades (dating back to 1926!!!) in hair-bearing scalp restoration with various advancement and rotation flaps, tissue expansion, hair orientation and hair-preserving incisional techniques;  therefore we are the most educated, versed and manually and technically trained in this part of the body – much more than ENT, Dermatologists and family doctors. Plastic surgeons are, after all, surgeons for the skin and soft tissues.

As an example, we do have in our plastic surgery training a strong component on Scalp surgery in our curriculum.  In our plastic surgery training, the surgical scalp/hair restoration could be classified into following headings:

  • Hair transplantation, strip, FUE (follicular unit extraction), robotic
  • Scalp flaps
    • Rotation flaps
    • Transposition flaps
    • Temporo-Parieto–Occipital – (pedicled)/Juri flaps (TPO flaps)
    • Temporo-Parieto–Occipital (free/microvascular) flaps
    • Lateral scalp flaps
    • Temporal vertical flaps
    • Other flaps
  • Alopecia Reduction (AR)
    • Simple AR
    • Major AR/scalp lift
    • AR with prior scalp extension (non-volumetric)
    • AR with prior tissue expansion (volumetric)
    • AR with intraoperative stretching (volumetric and non-volumetric)

2. Plastic surgeons are known to be innovators so we are very versed in the newest lasers and the newest FUE (Follicular Unit Extration) techniques.

3. Up to 2010, hair restoration used to be unregulated in Ontario, Canada, and could be done by anyone in Ontario.  Now the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario have justly realized hair restoration procedures should be regulated and performed in properly inspected and accredited facility for optimized safety, sterility and quality; to this effect, VISAGE Clinic has the highest accreditation level – level 3 – and therefore is the safest and most sterile of all levels of facilities to undergo hair transplantation.

4. VISAGE has an accredited overnight facility and an underground complementary parking and offers a concierge 24/7, a private entrance and a private exit for maximal privacy,

5. Being in downtown Toronto since 2001, Dr DuPéré has a very strong male clientele – botox, fillers, eyelid lift, pectoral implants, etching, calf implants, chin and jaw angle implants, etc., so we are accustomed to provide the highest care, quality and customer services to both men and women – procedures are different for males versus females (males: larger and more numerous pores, more tendency to bleed, thicker skin, hair pattern is different, downtime is managed differently for males, etc.).

6. Plastic surgeons are the most artistic and meticulous surgeons, both crucial for successful and natural results.

7. VISAGE has a strong multi-professional team, and the most caring team of nurses in Toronto

8. Dr DuPéré travels several times a year to perfect his art but also to teach others on what he performs in Toronto

9. Dr DuPéré and VISAGE are experts in PRP treatment, an important component to hair transplantation and restoration with pre-treatment conditioning and post transplantation maintenance.  To this effect, VISAGE has a dedicated PRP clinic. PRP contains several growth factors important for the survival and growth of the hair follicles.   VISAGE offers the richest PRP system – the Harvest system – with up to 1,5 Millions platelets per ml, the same used by Olympic and NFL/NHL athletes.

Make sure to read this blog on PRP!

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Dr. Marc DuPéré, plastic surgeon

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