Buttock surgery: Risks and Complications are rare

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As many of you know after reading my previous blogs on buttock augmentation with implants, I do have a keen interest in body implants and body sculpture so breast, buttock, hip, calf and pectoral implants are very common in my practice; it has been so since 2001!

My duty as a surgeon – and your right – is to discuss with you the common complications, as well as, the very rare but serious ones. This constitutes part of the informed consentEducation is always important and knowing the possible risks of any procedure will make you more attentive to our recommendations in order to avoid them.  Your compliance is crucial, and more so with body implants.

Risks and complications with buttock augmentation are always possible, as with any surgeries, but have been very rare in my hands.  Appropriate planning, technique and patient’s compliance should assure a positive outcome for you.

Risks and complications with buttock implants are very rare (<4% at Visage Clinic) and similar to most other body implants such as hips, calf and pectoral.  Those risks will be discussed at the time of your visits and include: scarring, slight opening of the wound and possible exposure of implant, tenderness, bruising, palpable edges of implants, asymmetry, seroma and hematoma, infection, rotation, nerve and vessel injury and capsular contracture.

Again, excellent compliance of my patients with the post-op instructions during recovery has proven crucial in getting outstanding results with no complications.

by Dr. Marc DuPere

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