Are Toronto women interested in more ‘boobage’?

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You bet Canadian and Toronto women want breast augmentation with implants!

Fuller breasts…  What Toronto woman does not want a curvy figure with sexy and perky breasts?   Not overly large.  Not overly small either.  We want them pointed in the right direction and full!

I am blogging  about what pregnancy does to a woman’s breasts.  I know many women who say they love being pregnant, but I was not one of them; morning sickness for 24 hours a day for months, not being able to sleep well and the feeling of a very full bladder was not pleasant for me.   But, when you have the wonderful new tiny human being at the end of the journey, you totally forget about the discomfort and fall in love as you never have before.

At that point you don’t think about how your body is looking.  You have read about how you can exercise and diet your body back into shape and you believe them.   Don’t all the Hollywood movie stars do it in 3 months?  Did you every think there is a reason why you don’t see them for 3 to 6 months after they have their babies?  It is called plastic surgery.  In the United States (but not in Canada), some will do a tummy tuck in the delivery room –  that is their secret: plastic surgery!  Breast augmentation with implants, breast lifts or mastopexy and tummy tucks (including the ‘mommy make-over’) are all popular procedures at plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré’s Toronto and Richmond Hill Visage Clinics!

After having a baby and when you have lost all your weight, you should look just like before – right?  Wrong!  The mind is strong but the skin is weak and stretched.  You now have what looks like pancakes or tube socks in place of the once beautiful breasts.  The breasts come with overly large areolas and nipples.   They look actually quite sad.  Most of us don’t like what we see.

Then you go shopping for a bra and they fit you for a 34 or 36 Long. OMG!  That’s when you put Dr. Marc DuPéré, board certified Toronto plastic surgeon & breast expert, on speed dial!

As women who have had children, we deserve breasts that point up and not down. We deserve not being uncomfortable when naked in the light.  Yes, our husbands love us as we are, but it is not about them.  It is about us and how we feel about our bodies.   They will get the benefit of a wife who feels beautiful and confidante after the breast augmentation with implants.  They will be so lucky!

For Toronto and Richmond Hill women considering breast augmentation and implants to get back that sexy look or just want more ‘boobage’, check credentials!   If you go to a gym, talk to people that you know who have had breast augmentation and look fantastic.   Don’t be afraid to ask – if they are anything like some of our Toronto patients, they will be happy to share and give you the name of their plastic surgeon.  Word of mouth is still the best referral.  Consult gold-medalist Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré’s curriculum vitae.

Breast implants, do we want them?  You bet!   Just make sure to have the best plastic surgeon in Toronto doing your procedure and make sure you have good chemistry.  Dr. Marc DuPéré did my daughter’s breast enhancement, they are amazing and the pictures are on line.   She is happy to share!

For the more information about breast implants in Toronto and Richmond Hill, check Dr. Marc DuPéré’s credentials and education.   So keep reading!


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  1. S. D. says:

    Women theses days are very much concerned with their appearance and physique. Most of the new mothers would love to get back to shape and look more beautiful and attractive. Many women are going in for a mommy make-over procedure after delivery. But mostly they go in for breast augmentation with implants. Great Blog!

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