And God created… the Plastic Surgeon!

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Sistine Chapel: Creation

It’s okay to be a little vain… and to start the day with humour!        

I had a very interesting conversation today with a perspective facelift patient.  A very lovely mid-fifties lady who is enquiring about a facelift.

As we talked, we found we had very similar backgrounds and thoughts on aging.  We are the same age, we both have children who are the same age, and we are both newly grandmas.   We love where we are in life and have lots of energy.  In other words, we are not done with life yet, we are just beginning!  The other thing we have in common is we don’t want to look old and worn out.  And yes, a little sexy would be nice!

We hate, and I do mean hate, our necks!  Anyone who knows me, knows that Botox and Fillers are my best friends and Dr. Marc DuPéré is my secret weapon, but there is only so much you can do with a syringe.  Time to let the Dr. DuPéré wield his mighty scalpel!

Interestingly, this patient I chatted with today comes from a religious background.  Many of her friends and relatives frown on any sort of nip-and-tuck; their argument is that “plastic surgery is vanity and you should accept the way you look”.   Our patient reminded her friends that God was the most foremost plastic surgeon!  She then said – with a bit of candid humour – that according to the creation story,  God created us perfect, but somewhere over the years, things went a little down hill: sagging necks, jowls and breasts, fat disappears in the face just to reappears on the hips, skin gets wrinkled, etc.   So what did God do to help our drooping faces and bodies?  He created the plastic surgeon!, to shape, contour, sculpt, replace lost volume and correct the damage we have done over the years to restore us back to original specs.

That put a big smile on my lips!

So lose the guilt, do what you want and love the way you look!   Call your top plastic surgeon and your refreshed ‘you’.

Visage Clinic Team

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I have to admit that I use to look at anyone who had plastic surgery as being vain, but given my experience over the past year, I now no longer feel that way! There’s nothing worse than to look at yourself in the mirror and not like what you see, to lack confidence! It’s painful ~ heart wrenching! I understand now why people turn to plastic surgeons for help! They simply want to look better and feel comfortable in their own skin! That’s all I want at this point and continue to hope that I will feel this way again in the near future!

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