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Biologique Recherche

How much does lotion P50 cost? 

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 comes is three sizes, there is a 1.7 oz travel size for $31.50 .

5.1 oz Medium size for $70 and 8.5 oz large size for $115 


Is Biologique Recherche worth it? 

Yes, Biologique Recherche’s effective line of pure raw ingredients of highly concentrated botanical, biological and bio-marine extracts are totally worth the investment. 


Where can you buy it? 

Biologique Recherche is available at select prestigious locations in over 75 countries throughout the world.  VISAGE Clinic and Medspa has the full range of BR face and body products for retail in Toronto, Ontario. 


What makes Biologique Recherche so special? 

Biologique Recherche is a brand that prides themselves on personalization and results, which they have managed to do and gather a cult following because of it. Biologique Recherche is a clean product line, free from silicone and parabens; they don’t use synthetic perfumes in their products because they feel that adding scents to improve the smell of raw natural ingredients is useless in targeting skin concerns; there is a higher chance of unwanted skin reactions when perfumes are mixed with some of the natural ingredients, therefore they will never add perfumes to their products and we are ok with that; as we want cleaner and healthier products that work for our skin. 


Is there an alternative to P50? 

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 is an alternative to Lotion P50. This exfoliating and brightening lotion, delivers the shared benefits of lotion P50 with added brightening properties to even out the complexion. This lotion is the optimal choice if you are looking to achieve a more radiant, uniform and brighter complexion while also lightening hyperpigmented scars. 


Can I use P50 for sensitive skin? If not do I have an alternative? 

Lotion P50T is a very gentle multi-function lotion that can be used by sensitive skin as it also incorporates calming and anti-inflammatory properties along with its purifying, mattifying, moisturizing and PH balancing effects. People with sensitive skin will apply lotion P50T on a wet cotton pad, this will dilute the lotion, making it less intense and irritating for even the most sensitive and reactive skins.  


How many versions of P50 are there? 

In Canada we have Lotion P50T and Lotion P50 PIGM 400. Biologique Recherche makes three other versions of Lotion P50 not available in Canada.