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Be Red-Carpet Ready for Tiff, an Anniversary, a Holiday, a Date…

August 28th, 2018 Share

Working in the “beauty business” means I regularly get asked what someone can do to be “skin-ready” prior to an event, be it a birthday, an exquisite holiday, a special date… etc.  There is no doubt that when having a few months to get ready, as in for a wedding, many more treatments are available, from skin care to laser to injectables to plastic surgery.

But since Toronto Tiff is coming up soon, here is what I came up for people who have only a few days to be “RED-CARPET-ready”- for ALL 4 Seasons!


BR Lift CVS VISAGE facial – Biologique Recherche

Lift C.V.S. treatment is our Haute-Couture cocktail of several milks, lotions, creams, masks and exfoliants, including the fame P50, that enables a manual face lift.  Together with smoothing, pinching, vibrating and modeling movements, including the famous “palper-rouler de Wetterwald, this crème-de-la-crème treatment stimulates the epidermis and redefines the “oval” of the face.  This treatment exfoliates the skin, lifts and re-sculpts the face: it is recommended for devitalized, dry and and/or mature seborrheic skin.  One should also consider BR’s La Grande Crème which brings the ultimate science of epigenetics to VISAGE Clinic, in Toronto.


BBL Forever Young

Using the power of light to stimulate collagen and brighten the complexion, this treatment uses photothermal energy to eradicate fine vessels that cause redness and lift away unsightly pigmentation, while regenerating new cell growth and minimizing the pores, revealing vibrant red carpet-ready skin.  Skin will need 7-10 days to look radiant.  The BBL consists of 3 different strengths of light energy (using filters of different wavelength) delivered to your skin’s dermis and epidermis. “BBL Forever Young” is one of the most advanced non-surgical techniques available today to slow down, treat and reverse damaged and aged facial and non-facial skin.  This is the most effective and advanced form of IPL (also known as photo-facial and photo-rejuvenation) currently available due to the broad band light technology.


VISAGE’s “chrysalis” BR Slimming Booster body treatment for cellulite and peau d’orange

French Haute-Couture in Skin and Body treatment: Biologique Recherche in Yorkville“Pétrissage, palper-rouler and Reptilian” techniques… First and only Canadian MedSpa to offer this body slimming booster (along with the entire Face and Body skin care line), VISAGE clinic definitively recommends this treatment for all ladies who will show “arms, shoulders and legs” in their magnificent dresses during the Tiff festival.  Think of it as a butterfly’s chrysalis where the body, comfortably embedded in the Biologique Recherche (BR) slimming bag and indulged in crème anti-C (cellulite), lotion p50 corps, booster Minceur and Body Oxygénant, becomes smooth, replenished and glowy.


Non-surgical facelift

Non-surgical facelift is definitively a must-do.  With a small amount of wrinkle-reducing injections (think Botox, Dysport), Dr DuPéré recommends a gentle brow lift for a more youthful, more awake eye area, and a softening of the angry “11” lines and the crow’s feet, always naturally and without removing all expression, for a natural look.  After all, the Hollywood North does prefer more natural results.  Dr DuPéré also recommends a healthy dose of fillers to give the ladies a more youthful cheek peak (1 cm outside the corner of the eyes and 1cm below!) and for “triangulizing/ovalizing” their face, a sign of youthfulness.  Dr DuPéré also suggests a few dabs of dermal fillers to the hollows and shadows under the eyes and into the lips, for natural but enhanced rejuvenation.  And since it is Tiff in Toronto soon, why not considering a touch of fillers to the jaw angles… Don’t sharp and defined jaw angles look sexy on Angelina Jolie?


OxyFirm facial

This is ideal for one to two days before your Tiff event.  This “facial on steroids” (without the steroids of course!) rejuvenates and firms up the skin by simultaneously delivering a combination of anti-aging treatments.  This facial effectively treats the delicate skin of the eyes, face and neck with focused infrared energy for immediate tightening results, as well as gently exfoliates, oxygenates and infuses the skin with essential revitalizing nutrients that brighten and rejuvenate the complexion.  This treatment is suitable for all skin types and has no downtime, the skin looks and feels great right after, it is the go-to treatment for special events, such as Tiff, a wedding, a date, as it leaves the skin glowing and radiant.


Lux 3D Lifting and sculpting treatment

Lux 3D is a luxurious anti-aging treatment for the face, neck, bust and décolleté.  This exclusive firming and lifting treatment with biomimetic peptides will gently smooth out mimic and active wrinkles, strengthen the structure and firmness of the skin while invigorating collagen and elastin production.  This unique facial will infuse low and high molecule hyaluronic acid to intensify the skin’s hydration, whilst producing an immediate plumping effect.

This is a luxurious regime that also incorporates the delicate skin of the neck, bust and décolleté, the infusion of highly concentrated vitamins, micronutrients and plant extracts delivers an outstanding firming, revitalizing and rejuvenating effect.  You will ADORE the Forlle’d products used for this DELUXE treatment.  An ideal treatment for that special occasion when you want your skin to noticeably display a glowing splendor – bring on the red carpet and the projectors!



We can all agree that heavy sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be an annoyance when in public, maybe no so much for the feet but for sure for the underarms and hands.  Botox not only weakens muscles and wrinkles as done for treatment of forehead and crow’s feet but Botox also weakens the sweat glands by effectively decreasing their sweat production.  The treatment for hyperhidrosis often lasts 6-9 months and will take effect in 2-5 days, so just in time for your special event.  You will now now feel more confident in shaking hands and you won’t be ruining your shirts anymore.

No matter the occasion, make sure your confidence is at an all time high with our “skin-ready” procedures. If you’re interested in exploring our skin care treatments, please contact me online or call my office at 1 (855) 8 VISAGE today.

Gabriela Madrid, Senior Aesthetician and Dr. Marc DuPéré, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon