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Ask the Surgeon: What Are the Keys to a Successful Facelift?

Learn more about facelifts at Visage Clinic in Toronto

Although many innovative options exist for facial rejuvenation, such as lasers, BOTOX COSMETIC®, and fillers, none will do as good of a job as the surgical redraping and lifting of a facelift using today’s sophisticated techniques.

Now, of course, not all facelift procedures are equal …

As many of my patients know, I trained at the University of Toronto under Dr. Bell, but I also spent most of my post-doctoral fellowship training learning about facial surgery with Dr. Daniel Marchac in Paris and with Dr. Bruce Connell in California. I also spent some time with the fat grafting expert Dr. Patricia Wexler in New York City and further developed my expertise in facial fat grafting attending courses given by Drs. Coleman, Marten, and Del Vecchio. So as you can see, facelift, neck lift, and forehead lift surgeries are very important to me.

Here are what I consider to be the key factors influencing the success and longevity of facelift and neck lift procedures:

1. Plastic surgeons are not routinely trained in facelift procedures, so it is best to choose someone with extra training and experience in facial surgery and a passion about faces.

2. Plastic surgeons are trained differently than other specialists when performing facelift and neck redraping, so choose according to your own needs.

3. Performing a well-executed and strong SMAS lift (deeper muscle lift) is crucial for longer-lasting results.

4. An unrushed and delicate approach when manipulating the skin and deeper tissues, as well as the use of fine instruments and fine stitches, will definitively make better scars.

5. Fat grafting can add an impressive, natural-looking improvement to a rejuvenation procedure by replenishing the inevitable volume loss seen with aging.

6. A small chin implant is often a great adjunct to a face and neck lift to restore the neck angle and the facial triangle; it also compensates for age-related bone loss.

7. The techniques of facelifting are different for men and women.

8. Careful placement of scars is crucial to make them as inconspicuous as possible.

9. Preservation of a healthy and youthful hairline is crucial, especially at the forehead and sideburns, in both women and men.

10. Many different patient factors influence healing, including genetics, a healthy lifestyle with good diet and exercise habits, avoidance of smoking, and daily sunscreen application.

11. Aiming for a natural, younger look is crucial. The unattractive “wind-swept” facelift with strange horizontal lines in the cheek and temple areas is not an option in my practice.

12. Adherence to postoperative instructions is crucial, especially with rest and elevation of the head and neck.

13. Access to your specialist postoperatively is also important.

As you can tell, facial plastic surgery is a very gratifying component of my practice and something I am truly passionate about. When all these considerations are met, patients can expect strong results.

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