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Asian Males and Plastic surgery

Toronto plastic surgery, Asian males, Richmond Hill

Although Asian women have traditionally been known for their pursuit of beauty for many hundreds of years, Asian males are now considering cosmetic enhancements as well.  And the numbers are growing fast both in Asia and in North America.

Please also read my blog on Asian women and plastic surgery as many of my comments apply to Asian males as well, such as Botox© and Dysport©, Restylane© and Juvederm©, Asian rhinoplasty and double-eyelid surgery.

Although many Asian men are genetically predisposed to having a lean physique, having a carved, V-shaped and muscular body are the ultimate goals.  Men like Jet Li, Bruce Lee and Yao Ming are heroes among the young Asian athletes and body builders, and achieving a similar physique can be very difficult for some.  In my Toronto plastic surgery practice,  I offer extremely specialized procedures that include abdominal etching, abdominal, pectoral, buttock and calf implants.

Using a very thin specialized cannula and a unique surgical technique, I perform etching of the abdominal muscles – and other muscles – creating either a six-pack or an eight-pack depending on the body length.  This procedure gives a necessary edge for both men and women who just cannot develop that muscular and flat stomach.

For thin, underdeveloped calf muscles, adding a soft calf implant makes the lower leg appear strong and shapely.  The scar is hidden in the natural crease at the back of the leg.

For any Asian man who cannot develop the size of pectoral muscle to balance their body, a soft silicone pectoral implant may be the answer.  I increase the mass size of the pectoral muscle.  The scar is hidden in the underarm (armpit) and the results are a strong looking, developed chest that looks move V’d.

For men and women in business who have a problem with sweating, Botox© might be an easy solution.  Botox© was showed several years ago to not only inhibits muscles but also to inhibit the secretion of sweat.  Botox© can be injected into the hands, feet and underarms for example.  Results can be seen within a few days and will last up to one year.  No one likes to shake a sweaty palm!

Again my advise: look for a board-certified plastic surgeon, someone with experience and someone with an artistic eye!

Happy New Year of the Horse to all our Toronto patients!

by Dr. Marc DuPere and Joyce Palmer

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