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Are you #TIFF ready?

August 8th, 2016 Share

August always gets busy in Toronto as everyone is quickly shifting gears from cottaging to TIFFing.  And I do too! TIFF brings such a frenzy buzz in our beautiful city that it is hard not to get excited about movies, cinema and Hollywood.

The plastic surgeon’s office also gets busy.  Now.  Still a few weeks to go and people know it is time to get their Botox, their fillers, underarm laser hair removal and their gentle nanopeels.

Women commonly come for Botox to treat their harsh “11” between the brows, for the gentle treatment of crows and for their Botox-created outer brow lift, a sexy and feminine feature.  Ladies also wants gentle cheeks – so called OGEE curve – and want youthful temples; nothing should be hollowed but perhaps a small area in the lower cheeks – think Paris and Milan models.  Jowls get effaced and lips get enhanced.  Dark lid-cheek troughs also get smoothed up with Juvederm and Restylane.  Nose can be straightened too with fillers, the so-called liquid nose job i.e. non-surgical rhinoplasty! And do not worry if we are getting close to TIFF as I use the latest cannula technique, which is safer and associated with much less swelling, if any.

And yes, eyelashes are made longer and more luscious, thanks to Latisse.

Males also want to look their best, and so they come for their botox and fillers.  Square jaw and a strong chin will command the pack – the alpha male – and our latest Vycross Juvederm fillers will just do so: volbella, volift and volume.  Voluma is by far the men’s ‘favourite’ when considering facial contouring and enhancement.  Angular look is de rigueur for my male patients.

Botox is also used by men and women to treat heavy sweating – aka hyperhidrosis – when topical treatment fails so no more wet handshakes, wet underarm circles and wet socks.  And all of us know how many new friends and acquaintances one will make when attending the Toronto International Film Festival.

You will likely feel safer to know that I personally perform all the injections in my two clinics, the flagship clinic in Yorkville.

Finally, it is still time to get the perfect glow for your skin.  Remember: “Your skin is the best outfit you can wear”.  With a combination of a gentle nano peel, our SkinMedica and Forlle’ed Advanced Skin Care for Men and Women, you can be assured you will be TIFF ready!

Dr. Marc DuPéré, aesthetic plastic surgeon