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An Overview of Injectable Fillers in Toronto

September 23rd, 2021 Share

Are you in the market for injectable fillers in Toronto, but find the vast number of alternatives confusing? You may escape the drawbacks of cosmetic surgery with the assistance of injectable fillers, which are safe and reliable and beneficial overall. We cover all of the various kinds of fillers available in today’s market as well as, including the advantages of utilizing them, and the process of administering them. Read along to find out more.

What Is A Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers are a straightforward injectable treatment option for individuals who wish to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, or perhaps completely remove them from their appearance. Dermal fillers are available in a variety of formulations that may be utilized to achieve your aesthetic goals. A facial plastic surgeon or esthetician can tell you whether or not you will need more than one injection to get the best possible outcomes during your appointment.

Types Of Dermal Filler?

The following are the many kinds of dermal fillers available on the market:

Temporary Dermal Fillers:

In this case, the most often used kind is temporary dermal fillers. Temporary dermal fillers are available in three different types: hyaluronic acid-based fillers, collagen-based fillers, and calcium hydroxylapatite fillers (also known as calcium hydroxylapatite). These fillers may last anywhere from six months to a year, depending on how many injections you get and how well they are maintained.

Semi-Permanent Dermal Fillers:

Semi-permanent fillers have a higher viscosity than temporary fillers, which is why it takes a longer period of time for the body to break them down and eliminate them. Typically composed of a synthetic substance known as Poly-Lactic acid, semi-permanent fillers are used to address deeper laugh lines, marionette lines, wrinkles, and crows’ feet. Semi-permanent dermal fillers usually last between 12 and 18 months, with the possibility of a touch-up here and there.

Permanent Dermal Fillers:

Permanent dermal fillers are the most dense of the dermal fillers that are currently available on the market today. Because permanent dermal fillers are not dispersible, they cannot be broken down by the body as quickly as temporary and semi-permanent dermal fillers may. They’re typically designed to be injected into areas of the body that have thick skin, such as the nasolabial folds, and they may persist for up to five years or more after being administered.

All You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers

It has become increasingly popular for men and women to have fillers placed in a variety of areas, including the lips, tear troughs, cheeks, jawline, nasolabial folds (smile lines), and chin. Fillers are available in a variety of formulations and can be placed in multiple areas. Because our skin loses collagen, suppleness, and subcutaneous fat as we age, our muscles are forced to operate closer to the surface of our skin, resulting in deeper wrinkles.

There are many benefits to fillers, but the most common is that they are a non-surgical way of rejuvenating the appearance of your skin, leaving you with supple and youthful glowing skin. Fillers are available in a variety of formulations. The following are some of the most significant advantages associated with dermal fillers:

Hyaluronic acid fillers are a dermatologist’s go-to treatment:

Restylane, Juvéderm, and Belotero all include hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in your body and is responsible for giving your skin a plump, hydrated look. Some individuals use it topically to keep their skin moisturized, although creams and serums won’t help with volume loss. This can only be done with injectable hyaluronic acid.

With only one injection, your skin may appear plumper and smoother for months:

When it comes to hyaluronic acid fillers, one of the many reasons they are so popular is their ability to eliminate wrinkles and increase volume with only a single injection. A filler’s duration varies depending on where it is injected; it may last anywhere from 3 to 9 months, and in some cases up to one year. According to some studies, collagen synthesis (the material that gives your skin its strength and plumpness) is increased, resulting in more youthful-looking skin in the long run, rather than the short term.

Fillers are used for a variety of purposes:

Particle sizes vary from one filler type to the next, depending on the application. When we inject Restylane Lyft into the cheekbones, for example, the bigger particle size works to rebuild the original foundation in this case; thinner cheeks. For this reason, at Visage Medspa Toronto, we inject Restylane Lyft into the cheekbones. Because a competent injector will explain the entirety of the treatment plan to you, at our clinic, we make certain that each client’s treatment is tailored to their specific facial characteristics in order to improve their skin’s health and appearance while maintaining its natural appearance.

If you want to keep the appearance of your fillers, you’ll have to do touch up treatments:

The hyaluronic acid is metabolized by your body over a period of time (between three and nine months). As a result, touch ups are required once or twice a year in order to preserve the appearance.

What Should You Expect During Your Dermal Fillers Treatment

Most individuals choose injectable fillers because of its minimal-invasive nature and they allow you to return to work right away. Although treatment-related limitations are in place, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. You must cease using any anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen or naproxen as well as any blood-thinning medications such as aspirin for at least 48 hours before your dermal filler treatment. This will aid in preventing bruising as a result of the operation.

Although your dermal filler treatment will only take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, you will not be required to take too much time out of your schedule to attend the appointment. However, you will most likely feel some swelling after the procedure, so plan accordingly. The majority of the swelling will subside within the first 24 hours, but you may continue to be swollen for up to a week after getting your injectables.

Which Facial Filler Is the Most Effective?

Now that we’ve explored treatment options that are available, let’s get into the nitty-gritty about which filler is best suitable for you.

Soft tissue fillers, often known as injectables, are available in a variety of formulations. Each filler has its own set of properties that make it particularly well suited for usage in certain regions of the face in order to achieve specific effects.

We only use the best materials and most efficient techniques to provide natural-looking results. For the most natural-looking results, we use a combination of products. Our estheticians have the skills and certification to administer injectable products including JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, Perlane®, and Emervel®.

The hardest part about finding the best facial filler is finding it on your own, which is why we always suggest having a consultation with one of our specialists to get a customized treatment plan that is precisely tailored to their unique needs.

How Long Do Dermal/Facial Fillers Last?

You should bear in mind that hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in your body and that your body will metabolize the hyaluronic acid as time passes. When properly applied, a standard injectable filler may last anywhere from 6 to 18 months, depending on the location of the injection and how thoroughly it was performed.

The Following Are Some Typical Lifespans For Injectable Fillers

Lips: Lips have the lowest lifetime when it comes to dermal fillers, owing to the amount of movement they experience. Because of all of the mobility, you metabolize the filler more quickly than in other places, which means that it will usually last around 6 months.

Under Eyes: Under the eyes, the filler may last for up to a year if properly maintained.

Smile Lines: These lines should remain about as long as your lips, which is around 6 months.

Cheeks and Midface: This region will stay the longest, ranging from 9 months to 18 months.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Filler

Keeping Out of the Sun: Dermal fillers may be damaged by the same UV rays that harm your skin. When you’re out in the sun, be sure you’re protected.

Skin care: To keep your skin in good condition, use face cleansers and lotions at home.

Stress and Life: Stress may decrease the lifetime of a dermal injection.


Juvederm is a brand of hyaluronic acid filler that may be injected into the skin. The business manufactures many different kinds of hyaluronic acid fillers, including Ultra, Ultra Plus, Vollure, Volbella, and Voluma, each with a slightly different thickness and elasticity.

Defining products (such as cheekbone and jawline) are thicker, less flexible, while volumizing goods are bouncy (such as cheeks or lips). Thinner products are used to provide moisture without altering volume or structure (for example, cheeks and lips). Because hyaluronic acid is produced and processed by the body on a natural basis, there are minimal rates of allergic responses to the products, and the product is slowly digested over a long period of time.

What Is JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, Perlane®, And Emervel® Filler?

These injectable fillers are all based on hyaluronic acid and are available in a variety of formulations. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring chemical that may be found in the body’s tissues, including the skin. It is one of the most extensively researched and widely used injectable fillers available.

Hyaluronic acid face fillers draw water from the surrounding tissues, allowing them to plump up regions such as the lips and cheeks. They also assist to reduce the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen production. These hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers are considered non-allergenic and reversible, and they may be used on both the face and the body.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Dermal Filler For Your Needs

We believe that every individual scenario is unique, and we provide a variety of fillers to ensure the best possible results in any circumstance. When it comes to fillers, each kind has its own set of benefits and disadvantages, and each will provide a distinct set of outcomes depending on the individual patient.

The following are some of the considerations we use when selecting the best filler for you:
● Which area will be getting the filler
● What look you’re attempting to achieve
● How long you want the filler to last for
● Whether or not you have allergies

To get the most natural-looking results possible, only the best materials and safest techniques are utilized in the procedure. Not every therapy requires surgical intervention. Our technique, which involves the use of JUVÉDERM and Botox in combination, rejuvenates the face without the need for invasive surgery or downtime. You will seem as young as you feel thanks to this one-of-a-kind technique of appearing younger.

Treatment Areas for JUVÉDERM®

JUVÉDERM is a dermal filler that may be used to restore a youthful look to many different regions of the face. In order to obtain different outcomes, several formulas are available to use. Due to the natural loss of volume in the cheeks as we get older, JUVÉDERM may be used to plump and contour the cheeks, making them more sensuous and plump. When certain regions of the face are injected with filler, the face appears to be full.

Fine lines may develop on the face as a result of smiling that extend from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth, which are referred to as parentheses lines. Despite the fact that this is a typical kind of crease, it may interfere with your ability to smile. These lines may be softened back to their young look with the use of JUVÉDERM, thus removing the unmistakable signs of aging.

People who have observed the thinning of their lips as a result of their age, or who have naturally thin lips regardless of their age, find plump lips to be a desirable characteristic to have. JUVÉDERM fillers breathe new life into the lips, either by filling and plumping them or by enhancing modest volume while flattening vertical lip lines, depending on the substance that is used to the lips.

What Is The Procedure For Injecting JUVÉDERM®?

A brief visit to the plastic surgeon’s office is required for the injection of JUVÉDERM. The injection used in this non-invasive technique is given by a needle. A lidocaine numbing ingredient has been included in the formulation of JUVÉDERM to assist with reducing discomfort during the injection process. Your doctor will make certain that the proper anesthetics are administered throughout your operation, which will depend on what you are having done.

Who Is A Candidate For JUVÉDERM® Treatment And How Does It Work?

A JUVÉDERM treatment may help anybody who is suffering moderate to severe wrinkles, creases, and volume loss as a result of aging or unattractive facial characteristics. People with a history of allergic responses to lidocaine or gram-positive bacterial proteins should avoid having JUVÉDERM performed.

It is essential to speak with a certified plastic surgeon in order to establish whether you are a candidate for a JUVÉDERM treatment. Fillers have a varied effect on various patients based on their qualities and what they wish to achieve with the procedure.

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect When Using JUVÉDERM?

JUVÉDERM is a proven treatment for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, giving volume to the cheeks, and filling in creases around the mouth and nose. The effects of the procedure may persist for up to a year, resulting in the need for less filler in subsequent procedures.

If you compare JUVÉDERM to other filler solutions, it is a smooth consistency gel that is flexible, resulting in a more natural-looking outcome. It works by temporarily increasing the volume of the site by retaining moisture. Additionally, you can anticipate a treatment that is reasonably fast and less invasive, making it an excellent choice for those who lead busy lifestyles.

Your Visit To Visage MedSpa Toronto

We strive to provide patients with exceptional treatment and services. During the face rejuvenation consultation, it is essential to review a large amount of information during your first appointment. The first time you come in for an appointment, our estheticians will usually spend an hour with you. During your consultation, they will go through the risks and issues that you may encounter, as well as provide you with an idea of what to expect in terms of results and recovery times.

Our aim is to ensure that you are completely educated and prepared for your meeting in order to guarantee that you understand the details of your customized treatment strategy.

It is possible to finish future therapy sessions in as little as 5 minutes despite the fact that the first appointment is very lengthy. Our ultimate goal is to provide each and every one of our guests with a luxurious and one-of-a-kind experience. To schedule an appointment with one of our Injectable Filler Toronto Specialists, please call or visit our website.