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Am I A Candidate For A Facelift Surgery In Toronto In 2022?

If you’ve been considering the advantages of a Facelift for some time, you’ve undoubtedly wondered if you’re a good candidate for this procedure.

Having said that, there are various elements that contribute to determining if you are the ideal fit.

The ideal way to obtain a customized diagnosis is to see a board-certified facial plastic surgeon like our own Dr. Marc DuPéré, but the following suggestions and recommendations in this blog will help you prepare so that you know where you stand before moving forward with this process.

Continue reading to learn more about the fundamentals of a facelift procedure, as well as what factors influence your suitability for treatment and whether or not you are a good candidate for this kind of treatment.

Who Should Consider Getting A Facelift?

Getting older is a lovely thing, as it demonstrates that you have had the chance to live life and gather valuable experiences and knowledge along the way. However, as you get older, you may notice that you appear older than you really are- just know that you’re not alone. Plastic surgery treatments and procedures are becoming more and more popular for the public as a way to make individuals seem as youthful as they are feeling.

Facelift procedures are generally regarded as the gold standard method for transforming the appearance of the face. This is due to the fact that facelift surgery rejuvenates sagging, drooping facial skin, giving it a more youthful and fuller look. However, even with the advantages that facelift procedures may provide, deciding to undergo one is not a rash choice.

As a result of the many factors that influence the decision-making process, it is critical that you get as comfortable with the process as possible before proceeding with the actual procedure. Before proceeding with a facelift, you should consider what you may expect during the procedure, what types of facelift options are available and which one best meets your needs, and whether or not you are a suitable candidate for a facelift.

What To Expect During A Facelift Procedure In Toronto

Let’s start off with what to expect during your facelift procedure in Toronto. The specifics of your facelift surgery will be determined by the outcomes you want to achieve. Dr. DuPéré often begins by making incisions along your hairline, then proceeds down to your ears. This results in the least amount of scarring.

Dr. DuPéré specifically employs the superficial musculoaponeurotic system in his work (SMAS). In this sophisticated technique, the skin in and around the superficial muscular aponeurotic region of the face, along with the muscles underneath it, are addressed. He believes that the results produced by this approach are the most natural-looking.

Excess skin is removed, muscles and other structures under the skin are tightened in order to sculpt your face features, and fat deposits are removed or redistributed throughout the process. Following the placement of all of the pieces, he seals the incisions with sutures.

The rejuvenating process may be completed by combining a facelift with brow lifting and/or neck lifting procedures, depending on your goals and objectives.

Dissolvable stitches or surgical glue may be used to close the wounds. If these are conventional stitches, you will need to return to the office in order to have them taken out. That being said, even if you have stitches, however, the scarring is concealed in the hairline or behind the ears, so there is no cause to feel self-conscious about having to hide a scar.

What Are Some Concerns That Facelift Candidates Primarily Have?

By addressing various “problem” regions in the mid to lower face and neck, facelift surgery may help you look and feel younger for longer. Most of the greatest candidates for facelift surgery possess at least one of the characteristics listed below:

  • From the cheekbones to the jawline, there is sagging of the skin and underlying muscles.
  • Skin that is loose or “folding” on the neck.
  • The presence of sagging tissues around the jawline that result in jowls.
  • The cheeks and the area surrounding the lips have lost volume.
  • There are wrinkles around the nose and corners of the lips.

The Advantages of a Combined Neck Lift

If you’ve been experiencing skin issues in the face and neck you also have the opportunity to combine a facelift procedure with a neck lift in Toronto. The aging of the neck is one of the most prevalent causes for people to seek a facelift and neck lift procedure. Our necks lose definition as a result of the accumulation of additional skin over time, giving the impression of a “turkey neck” or “double chin.” If you have gone through this, you may be a good candidate for a combination facelift and neck lift surgery procedure. It is possible that treating your face aging without also treating your neck will not give you the young results you want in the end. But that being said, your surgeon will determine whether you make a proper candidate for a combined surgery during your consultation at our clinic.

Questions To Consider When Wanting A Facelift Procedure

Are You In Good Physical And Mental Health?

Before undergoing any elective surgery, a person must balance the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure as well as their own health. Cosmetic surgical procedures such as facelifts may be quite safe when performed by doctors who are well-trained and experienced. Your surgeon will inquire about any pre-existing medical issues you may have, as well as whether or not you are using any prescription medications. It is critical to have good circulation, heart health, and the capacity to mend quickly.

What Is The Nature Of Your Skin Condition?

The reality that we all lose elasticity and collagen as we age is an inescapable truth of life as we get older. The inherent capacity of skin to “bounce back” contributes to the creation of smooth results. Skin that is becoming older heals more slowly and may not retract as readily to fit underlying structures as younger skin. As a consequence, the quality of your skin may have an impact on your final outcome.

Is Your Bone Structure In Need Of Repair?

It is possible that your facial surgeon may prescribe a facial implant or other adjustments to guarantee that the underlying support systems of your face are in harmonious balance and are capable of providing long-lasting structure for facial tissue.

Do You Have Expectations That Are Reasonably High?

While the prospect of smoother outlines and a more youthful look is intriguing, individuals who are most delighted with their procedure will be those who have reasonable expectations before undergoing the surgery in question.

There are methods that may remove 5- 10 years off the apparent age of your face, but today’s highly tailored and exact techniques are aimed to fix particular problem areas while also encouraging elegant aging. After choosing a cosmetic surgery professional, you may expect to seem younger and healthier than you would have otherwise for years to come. However, expecting to get the face of your 20s back or to stop aging entirely is not feasible. Your surgeon will assist you in determining what modifications and improvements you may expect as a result of your procedure in order for you to have realistic expectations regarding your tailored facelift procedure.

Should You Consider Non-Surgical Treatment Options Instead?

Before deciding to continue with cosmetic surgery, you may want to think about other alternatives, such as a gentle lift. This procedure, also known as a liquid facelift, makes use of injectable dermal fillers and neuromodulators to relax the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles and to restore volume to the face. It is possible to accomplish incredible recontouring, softening, and smoothing results utilizing this procedure.

Your surgeon may even be able to temporarily strengthen supporting structures such as the cheekbones. Among the advantages of this choice are the reduced downtime and danger, the scarless procedure, and the immediate outcomes. On the other hand, injectable face lifting is not effective in reducing excess, sagging skin and does not endure for more than 9 to 12 months.

What We Look For In Proper Facelift Candidates

At your initial appointment in Toronto, Dr. DuPéré will discuss your medical history and lifestyle choices. In addition, he will do a physical exam.

In general, if you meet the following criteria, you are an excellent candidate for a facelift:

  • Are in excellent physical and mental health overall,
  • You don’t smoke and don’t want to be around others that do (smoking impedes the healing process),
  • Have prepared yourself to have reasonable expectations about your results,
  • Have skin that is sufficiently elastic,
  • Recognize the steps in the healing and recovery process,
  • The soft tissues of your face and neck are sagging, with deep wrinkles, a double chin, and jowls,
  • Are looking to slow down further aging by utilizing a facelift procedure to your own advantage.

You should also understand that a facelift is not a long-term solution to the signs of aging. You will continue to age, and if you want to keep your “younger appearance,” you may require another procedure or set of treatments in the future.

If I Am Not A Suitable Candidate For A Facelift, What Options Do I Have?

For those who are not ideal candidates for a facelift in Toronto, there are a variety of non-invasive procedures that may help you appear your best.

These are some examples:

  • The use of injectable neurotoxins such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and Xeomin® to prevent muscle spasms and the fine lines that accompany them is becoming more popular for those who are not suitable candidates for a surgical procedure.
  • The use of natural hyaluronic acid-based fillers, such as JUVÉDERM® XC and Restylane®, to plump up your skin is becoming more popular.
  • Chemical peels are skin-resurfacing procedures that remove old, flaky layers of skin to expose fresh skin underneath.
  • Skin resurfacing and microdermabrasion are procedures that remove old skin layers while simultaneously increasing collagen production which will provide you with anti-aging effects.

Getting Ready for a Facelift

In order to prepare for a facelift, your plastic surgeon will do a physical examination to verify that you do not have any underlying conditions that might cause recovery to be delayed or risk your beautiful results. Your Toronto plastic surgeon may also ask you to adjust the medications that you are already using.

Additionally, Dr. DuPéré may advise you to refrain from smoking and from taking aspirin, herbal medicines, or anti-inflammatory medications, since these medications may increase the risk of bruising and bleeding during the procedure.


Making the choice to go with a facelift procedure might be challenging on your own, but you don’t have to do it alone with the help of our Visage Clinic experts in Toronto.

Do you need help from a professional to figure out what’s best for you? We’d be more than happy to help you. During your one-on-one consultation with Dr. DuPéré, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding the procedure and to evaluate whether or not you are a suitable candidate for it.

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