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5 Reasons to Get Breast Augmentation

September 21st, 2018 Share

Breast augmentation can offer very satisfying results. It’s understandable how its incredible popularity is sustained year after year because it appeals to a large segment of women. Indeed, these patients are some of the most diverse in my practice. Each woman has her own story and her own unique reasons for having the procedure. Below are 5 of the most common reasons my breast augmentation patients in Toronto opt for the procedure.

Disproportionately Sized Breasts

Although the human body naturally comes in many different sizes, there are certain proportions that simply look more appealing than others. Having breasts that appear “too small” for the rest of a woman’s frame is one of the most common reasons women cite for having the surgery. This is especially true of women who consider themselves “pear-shaped,” which indicates small breasts and large hips. Not forgetting to mention that women nowadays want fuller buttocks, the famous Brazilian Buttock, one more reason to augment one’s breasts if she already had her buttocks enhanced. Breast implants can offer these patients the well-proportioned, aesthetically pleasing, hourglass figures they want.

Asymmetrical Breasts

Although breast asymmetry is an extremely common condition, it can be quite disconcerting for women who are affected. These patients typically report feeling embarrassed during intimate times, and also frustrated when shopping for lingerie or clingy clothes. The placement of breast implants is one of the preferred methods for long-term correction of breast asymmetry. For these cases, I take careful measurements of each breast and use differently sized implants (volume, height, diameter) to even out the asymmetry during surgery, bringing each breast to equal (or very close to equal) volume. Adding implants also helps to add symmetry to the shape of the breasts. Fat grafting, or a combination of both fat grafting and implants, are also great options to treat breast asymmetry.

Weight Loss & Pregnancy

A rapid or significant weight loss can take its toll on the breasts, which are comprised of a large component of fat. After a rapid weight loss, the breasts can be left looking empty or even “deflated,” an effect that can be distressing, especially if the breasts were previously full. The same can occur after breastfeeding when the breasts no longer produce milk and therefore lose volume. Breast augmentation with implants is a popular choice for this population of women because it restores the breasts to their previous appearance.


While not performed as a classic breast augmentation, reconstruction after mastectomy often uses breast implants to rebuild the breasts after this life-altering procedure. Breast reconstruction can be performed at the same time as mastectomy or delayed until a later date. Typically, the decision of when to undergo breast reconstruction lies with the patient and her teams of oncologists and surgeons.

Breast reconstruction can also be performed for women with Tuberous breast deformity. Implants are often used in conjunction with some surgical maneuvers such as correcting the inferior pole, reducing the size of the areola, etc.


And why not? Even if your natural breasts aren’t undersized or misshapen, you may wish to simply enhance your curves or give yourself a new, voluptuous silhouette. Many of my patients prefer the look of larger breasts. Breast augmentation is a wonderful option for those in need of a boost to how they regard their own appearance.

If you’re interested in what breast augmentation can do for you, please view my gallery of real before-and-after photos to see the types of results I’ve created in the past. You can also contact us to schedule your visit. I look forward to speaking with you.