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About / Marc Dupere

Marc DuPéré, M.D., C.M., F.R.C.S.C.

Dr. Marc DuPéré and the staff of VISAGE Clinic look forward to welcoming you to their practice and invite you to learn about their expertise, thoughtful care, patient-centric philosophy, and commitment to your beauty.

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Meet Dr. DuPéré

Dr. DuPéré’s precision work has attained high levels of refinement and excellence. He brings worldly knowledge to his work as a plastic surgeon in Toronto each day. It is with a North American training and European refinement that Dr. DuPéré brings a uniquely Atlantic perspective and approach to the practice of aesthetic and plastic surgery. Here is his story.

On the Shoulders of Giants

Dr. Marc DuPéré was trained in Montréal at the prestigious McGill University Faculty of Medicine from 1991 to 1996. There he was mentored by Dr. Bruce Williams, a Canadian and North American pioneer in plastic surgery and a key figure in Dr. DuPéré’s choice of vocation and profession. He then attended the world-renowned University of Toronto, where he completed his Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery.

During his training, Dr. DuPéré won multiple awards, including the prized Wood Gold Medal at McGill, and the F.M. Woolhouse Clinical Research Award, the A.W. Harrison Resident Teaching Award, and the Best Clinical Paper Award, all at the University of Toronto.

In 2002, he pursued further training in cosmetic plastic surgery in Paris, France. During this fellowship, he had the opportunity to work with internationally recognized plastic surgeons such as: Dr. Daniel Marchac, specializing in facial plastic surgery; Dr. Gilbert Aiach, a nasal plastic surgeon and president at that time of the French Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery; and Dr. Natalie Bricout and Dr. Sylvain Pétouin, both with strong interests in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery.

Dr. DuPéré has since spent time learning the refinements of facial rejuvenation from Dr. Bruce Connell, a prominent facelift plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. Dr. DuPéré also counts as one of his mentors Dr. Patricia Wexler, a prominent dermatologist in New York City who is an expert in dermal injections, skin care, and fat grafting.

A Passion for Learning and Teaching

Dr. DuPéré believes in ongoing medical education and professional development, often meeting with leaders and emerging leaders from around the globe who are dedicated to maintaining competence and learning new information in the field of plastic surgery, lasers, and injectables.

Dr. DuPéré accepts responsibility for his own continuous learning and adheres fully to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada’s Maintenance of Certification program, which has rigorous standards of professionalism, skill, and performance.

Professional Symposia recently attended by Dr. DuPere:

  • Sao Paulo Breast Symposium

    September 2018, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • French Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society (SOFCEP) Meeting

    June 2018, Lyon, France
  • American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) Meeting

    April 2018, NYC
  • International Annual Symposium Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

    March 2018, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Sao Paulo Breast Symposium

    2, 23 September 2017, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • International Annual Symposium Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

    March 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017; Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Advanced techniques in Facial and Body Implant & Cadaveric Dissection course

    August 26, 27, 2017; Las Vegas, USA
  • Anatomic Modelling (sculpting) for surgeons

    April 25, 26, 27; Vienna, Austria
  • 6th Course: Chirurgie de la Silhouette et Body Lifts

    ISAPS October 7-8, 2016, Lyon, France
  • Allergan Medical Institute

    Promoting Excellence in Clinical Practice February 17-20, 2016, London, England
  • SOFCEP Nice

    French Aesthetic Society for Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting June 2015, Nice, France
  • ISAPS (International Society Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

    22nd Education Council, September 2014, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, May 2014, San Francisco, USA
  • ABAM

    American-Brazilian Aesthetic meeting February 2014, Jurere, Brazil
  • European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery

    November 2013, Barcelona
  • Methods of Adult Procedural Sedation

    November 2013, CEPD Univ. of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
  • 36th Cutting Edge Aesthetic Surgery Symposium

    Rhinoplasty – Dec. 2016 New York City, USA

Dr. DuPere was an invited guest speaker at the following Events:

  • 32nd Congresso Nacional SEME (Spanish Society Aesthetic Medicine)

    February 16, 17, 18, 2017, Malaga, Spain
  • CLASS (Canadian Laser and Aesthetic Surgery Symposium) Meeting

    My Non-Surgical approach to Male Face, November 2014, Montreal
  • CLASS (Canadian Laser and Aesthetic Surgery Symposium) Meeting

    My surgical aesthetic approach to Males and Plastic

To learn more about Dr. DuPéré’s speaking and educational engagements and clinical study involvements, view his Curriculum Vitae.

Building His Own Legacy of Quality and Safety

Dr. DuPéré founded the Visage Clinic in 2003, and spent 3 years building the flagship practice in Toronto. At the end of 2015, he moved his flagship practice to Hazelton Avenue, in Yorkville, in the heart of Toronto, complete with an accredited surgical centre and medispa. While Dr. DuPere has been in practice since 2001, he expects to still be working until 2040 – and thus he decided to invest in long-term quality and safety measures. These safety measures include a new, state-of-the art surgical center that is near and dear to his heart.

Equalling his commitment to excellent results is Dr. DuPéré’s dedication to patient safety and comfort. To that end, he has created the most up-to-date operating facility in the entire region, with safety features that go well above and beyond the requirements established by the Royal College.

He purchased all new medical equipment so that his patients could find comfort and reassurance in knowing that their surgeon is using the latest, state-of-the-art technology. He also decided to equip the facility with 2 overnight rooms to maximize patient safety and comfort. Patients can stay overnight in the care of 2 nurses, which provides tremendous peace of mind. The list of additional safety enhancements is too vast to cover here, however Dr. DuPéré wrote a detailed blog post on this topic—one that is near and dear to his heart.

Visage Clinic also offers top-notch medical spa services, including an array of laser treatments, skin care, non-surgical fat reduction, and more.

Visage Clinic has been awarded TOP CHOICE AWARDS for customer service 6 years in a row (2013–2018) by Toronto customers. Visage Clinic has also been awarded Best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Ontario by Global Health & Pharma. Dr. DuPéré is also in the TOP 500 doctors on Realself.


Dr. DuPéré’s Surgical Specialties

Dr. DuPéré’s surgical interests include facial and nasal surgery, body contouring, post-weight loss procedures, and breast enhancement. Dr. DuPéré is one of only a few North American surgeons performing calf, buttock, and pectoral implants and all types off facial implants (chin, jaw angles, mid-face and piriform implants, temples, tear troughs and cheeks), along with abdominal etching and the making of patient-specific, custom-made implants for various asymmetries and deformities such as pectus excavatum and Poland’s syndrome, many of which he learned in USA and Brazil.

Facial injections are also a significant component of his practice; having participated in many North American FACE meetings and having trained numerous cosmetic plastic surgeons in Toronto and throughout Canada, he developed expertise in 3-dimensional facial volume restoration and rejuvenation, all with little to no downtime.

Meet Dr. Marc, the man behind Visage Clinic

  • How did you know you wanted to be a plastic surgeon?

    I am a good communicator and listener. I have always wanted to help people, make them feel better. And I’ve always been very manual, enjoying drawing, cooking, gardening, building, sculpting… so not surprising that life led me to become an aesthetic plastic surgeon.

  • Describe your patient care philosophy.

    I know you have many plastic surgeons in Toronto to choose from, and your experience at our Visage Clinic is very important to me. And I chose a team of professionals who share my same core values: delivering outstanding results in a friendly, safe, and comfortable ambiance.

    At Visage Clinic, we strive for quality, safety and customer service. We aim at making your experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible. My excellent team and I are very approachable, down-to-earth and friendly. We are all here to accompany you during your journey.

  • Walk me through the patient experience at visage clinic.

    You will meet my team and me a few times prior to your procedure. A personalized consultation with me will allow us to go thoroughly over your medical history, your aesthetic concerns and expectations, your options, the pros and cons of the recommended procedure(s), and detailed explanations for your recovery.

    Detailed consent and pre-op pictures will be taken for your file and for you and I to follow with progress and your recovery. I own my own Level 3 surgical facility with its own general anesthetic services. Again, your safety is a top priority for us.

    At Visage Clinic, all surgical patients will get my personal cell number so you can get prompt answers to any post-op questions or concerns. You will see my staff and me several times during your recovery process. We want to offer optimal customer service and customer care.

  • How do you spend your time out of the office?

    I am an avid painter, sculptor, photographer, skier, epicurean, nature-lover, home chef, gentleman-farmer, traveller, and gardener. I enjoy spending time with my family, which includes my adorable daughter, Gabriella Charlotte, and 2 lovely “Iggies,” or Italian greyhounds. We split our time between working in the city, spending weekends at our organic farm in rural Ontario, and travelling the world.

  • Meet Dr. Dupéré in person

    As you learn more about Dr. Marc, you may find that you want to meet him in person. You can request a consultation online, or you can call (416) 929-9800 to schedule your appointment at any of our locations.